One year (plus!) later! Rafe's Grantland Archive

I'm not sure if this is pointless, but I'm going to try to revive this dead beast over the next few months. I'm thinking I'll just post links to my work at Grantland and occasional musings about the PBA (All-Pinoy conference starts in 3 hours woo!).
Here's the link to my contributor page at Grantland. I've been working at the site since June 2011, when we launched, and the two main writing avenues I've developed are in boxing coverage and as a connoisseur of bad basketball games in a series called "A Fate Worse than Death." I'm including links to my favorite boxing piece -- an essay about Victor Ortiz after his June 2012 loss to Josesito Lopez -- and my favorite Fate Worse than Death -- what else but a piece on Philippine hoops! The rest, you can find in my archive. 

The Crazy Drama of Ortiz-Lopez, June 25, 2012:

A Fate Worse than Death: Scottie Pippen's Merry Band of NBA Retirees Takes Manila, July 24, 2012:

Rafe Bartholomew Grantland archive:

And, the best work I've done for the site to date -- a chronicle of Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra's homecoming trip to the Philippines in August 2011, during the NBA lockout:

It's good to be back, mga kaibigan! Hopefully I can keep it up.