Guest column at Fire Quinito

I wanted to clear up a few misconceptions that were being spread about Philippine basketball with regards to the recent success of the Philippine National football team, so I asked for some space at FireQuinito, since I've done such a crappy job developing this platform. Here is the beginning of the post and a link to the rest.

"Rafe Bartholomew to Pinoy Soccer Fans: No Need to Take Cheap Shots at Basketball"

The fact that Philippine soccer is improving and people are excited about the sport is great news. I wrote in Pacific Rims
that although I loved basketball as much as just about anything in the
world, more variety would be a good thing for the world of Pinoy
athletics. There's no doubt that if sports aside from basketball were
beloved in the Philippines, talented kids would be more likely to try
their hand -- and maybe develop into world-class athletes -- at some
pastime other than hoops. I played baseball, soccer and basketball as a
child and chose which sport I liked most. I wish every kid from NYC to
Aparri had a similar chance to choose.

So while I've enjoyed and taken pride in the Azkals' recent success,
I've been pretty disappointed that so many people, from professional
sports writers to casual fans on Twitter, have decided to turn soccer's
success into basketball's loss. It doesn't need to be that way. It
shouldn't be that way. There is definitely enough room in fans' hearts
and imaginations to enjoy soccer and basketball, as well as other

Please read the rest! And check the comments for a usually interesting, sometimes frustrating discussion on soccer, basketball and Cee-Lo's Grammy outfit.