Spark Mad Izm

I'm bored with tonight's Knicks/Timberwolves game (although Ray Felton is putting up , bored with my exercise ball, bored with my cats, and I just Tweeted a stupid lookalike joke about Luke Ridnour. And now I'm suffering full-blown kamukha fever. Landry Fields is a dead-ringer for the starting two guard on my senior year high school basketball team. Felton is reminding me of that chubby little ball-handling dude from the And-1 games. And my current favorite -- Mike Beasley with dreads/twists is looking like dude from Channel Live. Who's Channel Live? How dare you ask. Next you'll be asking who's Craig Mack or King Just or Nine. Maybe Beasley doesn't really look like my man from Channel Live, but since I haven't seen another light-skinned public figure with light eyes and that hair, I'm running with it. I will not, however, make any off-color jokes about Mad Izm. Get money, Beasley.