Sev Sarmenta mentions Pacific Rims in his column

Sev Sarmenta, sports journalist jack-of-all-trades and an important adviser to my research for Pacific Rims, got a review copy of the book this week and mentioned it in his column at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Thanks, Sev!

Remember Rafe Bartholomew, the New Yorker who spent three years in the country, immersing himself in Philippine basketball?

Well, Rafe’s journey has been put in a book called “Pacific Rims” and is bound for release in June or early July.

Ariel Balatbat, Penguin Books regional sales manager for the Philippines and Guam, handed me an advance copy this week.

“Pacific Rims” takes you from the streets of Metro Manila to PBA locker rooms to lively UAAP games and hoop wars in Boracay.

The book proves Rafe’s theory about a unique basketball world here, undoubtedly influenced by America but governed by Filipino cultural rules and nuances.

Rafe took it all in and, based on his last e-mail, he can’t wait to come back for more Pinoy hoops.

Balatbat revealed that a Philippine launch is being planned for the book with Rafe, who now works for a magazine in New York, coming back to Manila for it.



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[URL=]thhvkeij[/URL] dnvjlmlv gefrpwak wpzoiocp gaqomjoy

Good book!

Rafe! Just like the other person who commented, I am also a basketball junkie. I bought your book two days ago and I just finished reading it today. I can't wait to share it to my other fellow basketball friends. Let us know when you are coming back to Manila!

loved the book

Played basketball in PI in 1974 and 75. We would travel from our base to villages and universities and play the best from every location. I would go to QC on weekends and practice with the Santo Tomas team. I would love to start talking with PI basketball fans about the wonderful game we all enjoy. The book was so realistic to what I enjoyed during my stay. i was staying at Manila Hilton and staying just down the hall was Elvin Hayes (my Favorite at the time) and we had great talk. I was in a movie with Cisco Oliver and practiced with Mike Quick. I miss it all so much. I now host a NBA talk show on the internet and would love to have guests from the PI. email me at Thanks Rafe for a great read and all the best to you.