A book is born

We're going live! This site will be my home on the web for at least the next couple years, and probably longer. I'll really miss Manila Vanilla, even though I've neglected it pretty consistently since moving back to New York. I'm hoping that the new site will mean a fresh start, filled with much more frequent blogging. And, since I've got a book coming out and I hope to attract some attention to it through this website, that means I'll be putting fresh content up a lot more often. It would probably be wise to keep my posts more general interest and avoid the 2,500-word posts on the inner workings of the Alaska Aces locker room or the brief odes to unsung Philippine pros like Donbel Belano and Topex Robinson, but I know already I won't be able to do that. So I'll just write about as many weird, ultra-specific things that come to mind and hope that people find it worth their time to read it. Pacific Rims

This morning, I picked up the first complete copy of Pacific Rims. I don't know if I can describe the feeling. I hate to resort to a sports metaphor, but I imagined it was like how Manny Pacquiao felt when he beat Oscar de la Hoya. "Holy shit I actually did it!" Or maybe "Akin na 'to!" -- "this is mine" in Tagalog -- although Pacquiao's inner monologue may be in Bisaya. And when I say "this," I mean just about everything I ever wanted. Of course, Pacquiao wasn't surprised when de la Hoya didn't come out for the ninth round. He must have known Oscar couldn't touch him since the opening bell. Likewise, I've known this day was coming for a long time, but now that it's here. Wow.

It's foolish to think that everyone who reads this blog or reads Pacific Rims will feel exactly that way, but I hope they feel something else I feel deep in my bones, and that's admiration, fascination and love for Philippine basketball. 




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A Book is Born

Finally, a book about Philippine basketball with lots of of history and good story.
Gilbert B. Battung


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