About Rafe

Rafe BartholomewRafe Bartholomew lives in New York. He is a senior editor at the ESPN sports and pop culture website Grantland, where he has the pleasure of working with Bill Simmons, Jay Caspian Kang, and writers like Tom Bissell. He also writes about boxing and basketball for Grantland, and figures out ways to shoehorn in as much Philippine basketball news to the site's coverage as possible.

Prior to accepting the job at Grantland, Rafe was an assistant editor at Harper's Magazine. He traveled to Manila in November 2005 on a U.S. Fulbright grant and remained in the Philippines (with a few brief returns to the States) until October 2008. He schemes constantly on ways to get back.

He can be reached at rafe.bartholomew [at] gmail.com or on Twitter.